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How to make a DIY pallet wood porch

Our porch was concrete when we moved in. And, though, very sturdy, it lacked in curb appeal. A while back, my husband came up with the idea to reface the concrete with pallet wood. To say it turned out great is an understatement! Come take a look at our new Pallet Wood Porch!

We moved into our house nearly 16 years ago. It’s an old house with lots of charm, but, the porch was not one of the charming parts. We spent a lot of time remodeling the inside, but, didn’t do much for the outside until last year. We started focusing more on the curb appeal of our little farmhouse.

We spent time painting and building a reclaimed brick walkway leading up to the porch this past summer. Here’s the post on that: https://therosehomestead.com/diy-brick-walkway/

Last summer, my husband started the process of adding the pallet wood to the porch. Since the porch is concrete, he had to drill pilot holes with a hammer drill before using concrete screws to fasten the boards to the porch.

He was able to cover about half of the porch with the pallets he had at the time. Doing pallet wood projects can be slow going because you want to be picky about the pallets you choose. They need to be in good shape and you want the boards to be the same thickness for the project.

During the week of Thanksgiving, my husband was off work, so, we went looking for more pallets and hit the jack pot! He was able to get enough to finish the project and we are so happy with the way it turned out.

Having the warmness of the wood instead of concrete makes a huge difference in the overall feel of the porch now.

A porch is place to gather and enjoy the warm breezes of summer while sipping on some iced tea! It’s also the welcoming zone of your home. Your porch sets the mood for the inside of your home.

We knew we wanted to give the porch the same feeling as the rest of the home. Having hard wood floors (reclaimed, of course) and pallet wood accent walls brings a coziness to each room. And, now we have that same feeling before we enter the home.

Of course a project like this takes a lot of time, and, patience! Finding and acquiring enough pallets in our area is a challenge. But, it was a challenge I am glad we were willing to face. The outcome made all the waiting and anticipating worth it!

If you have never used pallets for projects around your home, we would highly recommend giving them a try. They are free wood and make for some beautiful, one of kind, projects!

See you soon!

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