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DIY walkway with reclaimed brick

We had the opportunity to obtain some 1960’s reclaimed brick recently which worked out perfectly for a project that was long overdue! The front porch has been getting some attention be laying reclaimed wood over the cement. My husband took the old cement steps out and made some beautiful wooden ones. I love them! But, the walkway leading to them was not so beautiful. So, today I want to share with you a DIY walkway with reclaimed brick!

After getting the brick, it was the perfect time to update the walkway. We went through a few different designs and landed on a bordered walkway lined with brick.

The first step was to measure off where the border would be and how many bricks we would need. Lucky for us, after we measured, a certain amount of bricks fit perfectly and none needed to be trimmed.

After measuring off the area, we had to decide on a weed barrier. We first thought of weed barrier paper, but, after having used it before and not having the best results, we went with cardboard. The cardboard was free and from previous experience works great at weed control.

My husband had the idea of laying chicken wire (which we also had on hand) to keep the cement in place while laying the bricks. We didn’t need a lot of cement, just enough to hold the bricks in place. We put a little cement at a time and laid the bricks over the small areas. Once the bricks were in place, we filled in any empty spots with cement.

I planted a small flower garden to the side and finished it with a pot of hens and chickens!

The final result was much more pleasing to the eye!

I hope you enjoyed this post and maybe it inspired you to think of a project you can do with reclaimed products! There is a short video below showing the process.

See you soon!

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