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Do Garden Tunnels Work?

After 3 years of failed cruciferous crops, we were doubtful we would ever have a harvest. We had a big problem with cabbage moths! We tried everything we could find and nothing worked. We aim to garden organically, so no pesticides for us. So, after last year, we knew we had to figure this out or stop planting cabbage, cauliflower, and broccoli all together! So let’s jump into this review: Garden tunnels || Do they work?

There are so many things we want to grow in our garden every year. The list keeps growing! But, we have always had an Achilles heel in the cruciferous department. WORMS!

Back in the winter, I ran across a YouTube video about these garden tunnels and was immediately interested in trying them.

We purchased enough supplies to 2 rows just to see if they would work for us.

Installing them was super simple.

You put the tunnels together, they come in 3 parts, that are screwed together.

The ends that go into the ground are sharp so they are easy to set deep in the soil.

We have had a few bad storms since we set ours up and they have held up remarkable well.

Once you get the tunnels in place and spaced evenly, you simply drape the fabric over the tunnels. We put rocks underneath and roll the excess fabric over the rock to hold it down.

I am happy to say, THEY WORK!

We have consistently been harvesting from the plants. We have harvested collards, cabbage, broccoli, and cauliflower (this is the first year we have ever harvested cauliflower)!

If you are interested in trying garden tunnels for your garden, I couldn’t recommend them more.

We plan on purchasing several more to cover other crops we have on going problems with. Click below for a corresponding video!

See you soon!

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