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5 Essential items for the Homestead Kitchen


When I started cooking from scratch several years ago, I quickly realized I needed some essential tools to get the job done! Let me show you my 5 essential items for the Homestead kitchen.

The very first of those items I purchased was Cast Iron. I have acquired many pieces since, but, for someone just starting with from scratch cooking, a 10 inch skillet will be all you need. Cast iron is a lifetime purchase if you maintain it and care for it properly. You can saute, braise, deep fry, and bake with cast iron. It’s a treasure in our homestead kitchen!

The next essential item is a good mixing bowl, preferably, a big enough to use for bread proofing and mixing all sorts of recipes. I use a vintage stoneware bowl and have 2 pyrex mixing bowls as well.

My vintage mixing bowl

Every homestead kitchen needs some good wooden utensils. I bought mine from a company in West Virginia. They are hand made from solid wood and are a lifetime purchase if cared for properly. I have some cheaper ones, but, my high quality ones I reach for the most!

Rada knife and turner, as well as my wooden spoons

The next item seems obvious, but, you need a good turner(preferably metal) to use with your cast iron. Mine came from Rada and it’s the only one I ever use!

Next on the list is a good knife. I’ve heard said a sharp knife is a safe knife! So, as long as you have a decent quality knife and keep it sharpened, you will be good to go to prep all your ingredients. Mine knife is also from Rada and I use it at least once a day but usually twice.

The final item is a good quality cutting board. My husband made mine and I cherish it and use it well! I also have one from the same company I purchased my wooden utensils from. I prefer a handle and solid wood. As with the other items, as long as you care for it, it will last forever!

Top board from company in West Virginia, bottom one my husband made

Well, I hope this gave you some inspiration for a few essential items to get started cooking from scratch in your kitchen! Click below for the full corresponding video!

See you soon!

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  1. Could you do a blog/video on how to care for cast iron skillet/cookware? I am enjoying all your posts and blogs. Thank you.

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