Use the link below to print this free Sourdough ebook. This book is great for beginners! A step by step instructional to make a sourdough starter and a few recipes to get you started!

If you are brand new to Sourdough, this free ebook will help guide you through the beginning stages. From making the starter, to making a few recipe with your new sourdough starter.

I hope this resource will be helpful for you and take away the fear of sourdough.

Sourdough can be intimidating. But, it doesn’t have to be. Give my techniques a try and see for yourself!

My sourdough journey began about a decade ago. I have had highs and lows, but, through trial and error, I have come up with a routine that works for me and I hope it will work for you, as well!

With a little flour, water, air, and patience, you can make a healthy, thriving sourdough starter.

Once it is active, you can make countless recipes. From pancakes to artisan bread, the possibilities are endless.