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Fermented Pickles


It’s cucumber season which means I’m busy making fermented pickles!

Every year in the spring, I get so excited for cucumbers! They don’t always produce the way I would like them to, but, when they do, I stock up on pickles! We love them with our sandwiches and in egg salad or tuna salad.

The benefits of fermenting your cucumbers are the added gut healthy bacteria fermentation affords!

Once these are in the jar, just let them sit out at room temperature and within a few days they will be teeming with good bacteria and have a wonderful briny flavor.

Fermented pickles taste a bit different than vinegar canned ones. They are tangy and have a bite to them.

I use the English variety of cucumbers exclusively. They are good slicers and have small seeds. They also seem to stay crisper than other varieties.

To make the brine, you need 1 quart of water with 2 tablespoons of fine salt. Allow the salt to dissolve completely. Tip: You can heat 1 cup of water to almost boiling, add the salt to dissolve quicker. You can then add the rest of the water and some ice to cool it down!

Simply slice your cucumber and place slices in a wide mouth mason jar.

Now, cover them with the brine. Make sure they are submerged completely.

Add a weight to hold the slices under the brine.

Add a pickle pipe on top after wiping the jar rim. Place a ring on the jar.

Allow to sit at room temperature for 3-5 days. Start tasting them after day 3. Once they are to your liking, take the pickle pipe off, remove the weight, and place a regular lid on. Then move to the fridge to chill and slow the fermentation.

I hope you try these easy and healthy pickles!

See you soon!

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