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Basic Tools for the From Scratch Kitchen

I have been cooking from scratch for many years now and have learned what I have to have to whip of these meals and what I can do without. I want to share with you my basic tools for the from scratch kitchen.

When I first was married, I wasn’t a great cook. I knew very little, especially about baking. It started really bothering me that the food I was making was mostly pre-packaged. So, pretty early on, I decided to go all in and learn the skills I needed to make all of these foods from scratch.

At that time, I had very few tools in my kitchen. But, with those few tools, I was able to learn to cook from scratch.

Fast forward to years later and I have a lot of tools now. But, not that many of them are essential in my cooking or baking. They are nice to have and make the job easier, however, you most definitely don’t have to have them.

The fear of failure was a big thing for me when I started cooking. I hated the thought of wasting food. So, I want to help you avoid these failures and start making you and your family healthy, wholesome food!

To start with, we need to decide which tools are a must and which tools are nice to have.

These tools are the most basic to have and can be purchased at a very reasonable price. As you hone your skills in the kitchen, you will be able to decide which tools to add to your kitchen. But, to start with, the following tools will be enough to get you started on your from scratch cooking journey!

Basic Tools needed for the From Scratch Cook:

  1. Measuring cups and spoons.

Having a basic set of measuring cups and spoons is a must when cooking from scratch. At first, you will most likely be following recipes and the measurements will be in cups and spoons. Most big box stores will have several sets to choose from at a very reasonable price.

2. Mixing bowls

You can start with 1 big mixing bowl and use it for everything. You can also buy sets of mixing bowls in different sizes if you choose. Most recipes will require a mixing bowl, so, choose one that is sturdy and will last a long time.

3. Wooden spoon

A wooden spoon is so handy in the kitchen. Use it for mixing batters and doughs, or for stirring soups and stews. A nice wooden spoon can also be used as a serving spoon. Choose a good quality spoon that can hold up to thick batters and doughs.

4. Turner/Spatula

A good turner is important for frying eggs and pancakes and many other items. You will find yourself needing to turn food and without a good turner/spatula it can be a challenge. I prefer a nice stainless steel turner. They are strong and can handle turning even heavier items with ease.

5. Cookware/Bakeware

There are so many options for cookware/bakeware. I prefer to use cast iron, however, a nice set of ceramic coated cookware will serve the new cook very well. They are non-stick and usually last a good while. I did not start my from scratch cooking journey with cast iron. It would have been very discouraging. Ceramic cookware worked very well for me in those early days.

6. Knives/Cutting board

A good knife and cutting board is all you will need to dice and chop your ingredients. I prefer a chef’s knife, but, whatever knife feels comfortable in your hands will do. I suggest getting a large cutting board that will serve all of your food prep needs. You can buy knife sets, but, I find you all really need 1 good knife for most jobs in cooking from scratch.

I hope this list of tools for your from scratch kitchen has been helpful. Once you have the tools you need, you will find it much easier to prep and cook a wonderful meal.

Coming up, I will be talking about basic pantry staples for the from scratch kitchen.

I hope you found this helpful and will jump in the cooking from scratch movement!

See you soon!

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