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5 Pantry Essentials

Living on a Homestead and being a from scratch cook, it is important for me to have certain items on hand at all times. If you have a few items on hand, you can whip up a from scratch meal for your family! I have looked in my pantry and narrowed it down to 5 pantry essentials that I want to share with you.

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About 15 years ago, I started learning how to cook from scratch. From bread to desserts to main dishes, I made a decision to learn everything I could!

It has been a long and wonderful journey for me and I have developed a love for the kitchen and the work that happens there.

When I first started cooking from scratch, I didn’t really know what I needed to keep on hand. It was a trial and error process. However, I learned pretty quickly what I couldn’t do without in my pantry.

I do a lot of baking. It’s kind of a passion for me. I love bread products and yummy desserts. I also enjoy developing recipes and testing new techniques in the kitchen.

With that being said, I have a few items that are always making there way into the kitchen throughout the week. I usually buy these items in bulk to make sure I always have them on hand.

Over the years, my list of essentials may change, but, these 5 are what I’m using most these days.

Pantry Essential #1

My first essential item is one of the most important: Wheat Berries. I grind the wheat berries into flour to use in my bread and baked goods. I prefer to keep Organic White Wheat Berries on hand, but, also enjoy using Hard Red Wheat, Einkorn, and Kamut.

Wheat Berries
Hard White Wheat Berries

It’s so easy to buy wheat berries in bulk. I prefer to order either from Amazon or Pleasant Hill Grains. These are the wheat berries I’m using right now: https://amzn.to/3Vrf37g

Sourdough Artisan Bread

I try to keep at least 50 pounds on hand. They will last a very long time! Much longer than flour!

Pantry Essential #2

The second essential is good quality salt. It’s seems elementary, but, there are okay salts and then there are really good salts! I’m using a lot of salt in my from scratch kitchen. From baking to fermentation, a good salt is imperative!

I prefer Redmond’s Real Salt. This is the bag I buy: https://amzn.to/3p495Nk

Redmond Real Salt

This particular salt is mild and the perfect grind texture. It brings out the amazing flavor of a from scratch meal!

Pantry Essential #3

The third item is Rice. I find that I rely on rice at least once a week for a meal. Cooking up some rice with some veggies, eggs, beans, or meat, makes a balanced meal that is super easy to prepare. I don’t have a specific brand I buy, however, I do prefer Organic Brown Rice. It’s easily found at the local grocery store.

Brown Rice

I also enjoy having left over rice for breakfast with an egg and hot sauce. It is filling and delicious!

Pantry Essential #4

The fourth item is Dried Beans. I love to cook up a good amount of beans on Monday and eat on them all week long. Beans are not only a great source of protein, but, they are so filling and good for you. I like to keep a good variety of beans on hand. Lentils, Garbonzo, Red beans, Great Northern, etc….You get the point!

Dried Red Beans

In my opinion, you can’t go wrong with freshly cooked beans at any meal!

Pantry Essential #5

The last essential on my list is a good quality Olive Oil. Having a good olive oil on hand when cooking is a great way to add flavor and a good quality fat into your meals. Having the right kind of fats is so important for our body to function properly. A good organic extra virgin olive oil is not only delicious, but, one of the most nutritious items in my pantry!

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

I hope you found this list helpful. There are many more items I keep on hand, but, these are the 5 I NEVER run out of! I buy them in bulk and make sure I don’t get low on quantity!

See you soon!

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