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How to water glass eggs


With the longer days on the homestead, the hens are back to laying eggs at full capacity. This means we have baskets overflowing of farm fresh eggs. One way to preserve this harvest is to water glass the eggs. It’s a super easy technique that ensure we will have fresh eggs all winter long!

For years we went with the flow of the egg production here on the homestead. This would leave us with tons of eggs in the spring and summer and no eggs in the winter.

eggs in basket

We would miss those fresh eggs so much when the hens weren’t laying.

After much research, I found out that you can actually preserve those fresh eggs to use during those times when the eggs are sparce.

I have been water glassing eggs for a few years now and make it a high priority in the spring and summer to make sure we will have enough to get through the lean times.

Although there are a few different ways to preserve farm eggs, water glassing is the only method I know of that allows you preserve them whole and use them as if they were fresh after many months.

jar of eggs

This process of preservation involves mixing pickling lime and water.

The eggs need to be unwashed but clean. Meaning, you don’t want them to have dirt or chicken poo on them.

Eggs naturally have a coating on them called the bloom. This coating fills the porous shell of the egg preserving them for a short time.

eggs in a metal basket ready for steaming

By water glassing them, this extends the preservation for up to a year!

To ensure cleaner eggs, make sure you routinely change their bedding in the nesting boxes.

Fresh unwashed eggs will last on your counter for several weeks. If they are refrigerated, they will last much longer.

However, having them last up to a year is what I’m looking for when we are overrun with all these little nuggets!

Come December, we are so relieved to have “fresh” eggs for breakfast!

Is it hard to raise a flock of laying hens?

Raising laying hens is actually quite simple. The main considerations are predator proof housing, feeding, and watering.

hens in chicken pen

When choosing a spot for your backyard flock, keep in mind the logistics of fencing and housing. It’s important for the hens to have room to roam and plenty of shade for summer. Also, consider that they will need shelter from rain and bad weather.

It’s important to provide fresh water and feed every day.

Keeping a small flock of laying hens in your backyard is a very rewarding experience. You will love the eggs!

Why preserve farm fresh eggs?

In the spring and summer, if you have laying hens, you will be over run with eggs. It’s pretty hard to eat as many as they will lay during that time of the year.

Preserving the eggs gives you a stock pile for when the days get shorter and the hens take a much needed break from their laying.

bag of pickling lime

There are a few ways to preserve eggs: Freezing, Freeze drying, Dehydrating, and Water glassing.

Water glassing is definitely my preferred method.

Why Water Glassing?

Water glassing eggs is the only method of preservation that keeps the eggs intact and whole.

You can fry them up just like when they were fresh!

This makes it the most preferred way of preserving eggs on our homestead.

To water glass eggs, you will need:

  1. Farm fresh, unwashed, clean eggs.
  2. Filtered water.
  3. Pickling lime.
  4. Half gallon mason jar.
  5. Kitchen scale.

Before preparing the solution, choose your eggs. You will want clean but unwashed eggs that are free from blemishes or cracks.

jar of eggs in front of a basket of eggs

Using a kitchen scale, weight out 1 ounce of pickling lime.

Add to 4 cups filtered water and stir until dissolved.

In a half gallon mason jar, carefully start stacking the eggs in the jar.

When near the top, pour the solution over the eggs until all eggs are completely submerged beneath the solution.

Put a tight fitting lid on and store on a shelf in the pantry.

Water glassed eggs will last for up to a year.

jar of water glassed eggs

How to Water Glass Eggs

Yield: Half gallon
Prep Time: 2 minutes
Active Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 5 minutes

Water glassing eggs is a method of preserving your farm fresh eggs for up to a year!


Using a kitchen scale, weigh out 1 ounce of pickling lime.

Add to 4 cups of filtered water and stir until dissolved.

Choose clean but unwashed eggs with no blemishes or cracks.

Layer the eggs very gently in the mason jar.

When near the top, pour the pickling lime solution over the eggs until all eggs are submerged in the solution.

Add a tight lid.

Store on a pantry shelf.

Water glassed eggs are good for up to year.


If you find you have eggs left over after a year, scramble them with some red pepper flakes and give back to your hens. They will love it!

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  1. So my understanding is you can use like fresh. Once you open the lid after doing processing,
    Do you keep in fridge? On counter? Away from sun? Also if you want to test and make sure fresh can you test them the normal way( in a glass of water)

    Thank you

    1. Yes they are just like fresh eggs. I just rinse them off and crack into a small bowl to test them. I have never had a bad one yet but it’s a good idea to make sure before adding them to your recipes. I keep them on the shelf in my pantry. I test them by smell. If there is no smell after it is cracked in a bowl then I know it is good to go.

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