Hi! I’m Mary. I want to tell you a little bit about myself. I am passionate about doing things the old fashioned way. I spend a lot of my time in the kitchen creating food from scratch. I love food! And, I love to prepare food with love.

My heart is in keeping my home, cooking a scratch made meal, preserving the bounty of our garden, and working on our little homestead.

We started our little homestead a few years ago with some laying hens and small garden. Since then, we have meat chickens and turkeys, as well as a flock of laying hens.

We eventually plowed our entire yard for garden space and grow a lot of our own food that we preserve for the winter.

Throughout the years, we have learned so many things the hard way. Having not been exposed to this way of living as children, we had to rely on the internet to teach us the skills we have put into practice here on the homestead.

We want to share these skills with you! We want you to feel confident cooking that meal, making that bread, growing that garden, preserving the food, and raising animals on your homestead. It can be overwhelming at first, but, trial and error really are the best teachers!

It’s a harder way of life, I guess, but, it’s a better way of life for us!

Slowing down, enjoying each other, enjoying fresh food, and enjoying the simple life! From scratch living!

We hope you find inspiration on this blog to start living from scratch as well!

We are so glad you are here! And, we hope to see you again soon!